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Andrew Lawson Portrait


   01608 810654

My garden images are available at the following Libraries:
Marianne Majerus www.mariannemajerus.com
The Garden Collection www.garden-collection.com
National Trust Photo Library www.ntpl.org.uk
Other Useful Links:  
Garden designers:
Jinny Blom www.jinnyblom.com
Christopher Bradley-Hole www.christopherbradley-hole.co.uk
Todd Longstaffe-Gowan www.tlg-landscape.co.uk
Piet Oudolf www.oudolf.com
Dan Pearson www.danpearsonstudio.com
Tom Stuart-Smith www.tomstuartsmith.co.uk
House to Let: www.westmilldevon.com
Garden sculpture:  
Briony Lawson www.brionylawson.com
Garden photography competition:  
International Garden Photographer of the Year www.igpoty.com
Garden Photographers Association: www.gpauk.org

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