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Andrew Lawson Portrait

Portrait photograph: © Charlie Hopkinson


Thank you for looking in at my website. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been fascinated by gardens all my life. I started gardening at school, aged 10, and have looked after gardens ever since, sometimes two at a time.

I trained as a painter and only discovered photography quite late in the day. When I fell into garden photography in 1985, I had no idea that it could be a profession. But that is how it has turned out. For me, being a garden photographer brings together my joint passions for natural history and for making pictures.

I have been fortunate to work with the greatest garden designers of our times, and to illustrate books by the most distinguished writers, including Penelope Hobhouse, Rosemary Verey, Anna Pavord and HRH The Prince of Wales. My work has been honoured with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal for photography and twice with the Garden Media Guild’s ‘Photographer of the Year’.

In 1999 I organised the first get-together of professional garden photographers. The group later became the Garden Photographers Association (GPA). Then in 2000 I arranged an exhibition for professionals which grew in stages into the current International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY).